Thursday, January 20, 2011

You know....those kind of days

Have you ever had those know the ones.....where you just feel like maybe you should go back to bed, rewind, and start over again?  Where nothing goes your way, and you have absolutely no motivation to do ANYTHING!  Well, believe me when I say, you are not alone, I think everyone, no matter what you do, has this experience.  Don't let this feeling bring you down or get you stuck in a are worth it to dust yourself off and keep on, keeping on!  Find some ideas below to get you through those tough days....

-  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths
-  Call a good friend for encouragement
-  Look at some fun pictures and remember how blessed you are
-  Write an encouraging note to one of your friends or family (its amazing how encouragement to others    comes back to yourself)
-  Make yourself smile for at least 10 seconds
-  Giggle out loud
-  Take a walk outside
-  Get an enjoyable snack (Healthy of course!)
-  Stretch and enjoy some relaxing silence (no computer, phone, ipod, radio, etc..)
-  Take a mini get-away, power nap (about 15 minutes of rest)

More ideas?   Share them as comments below!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

About Us....

It's a work in progress, so check back often, especially for our soon-to-launch bootcamp and membership

We wanted to share just a little bit about us (the "raw", from the heart version), since we have to be more "professional" (whatever that means) on the website...Enjoy!

"Ever had a dream?...We did and vwalah (ok, so we don’t really know how to spell that, but you get the point)…you’re looking at it!  Welcome, look around, and enjoy!
We can’t help but thank the good Lord for bringing two personalities as crazy, spontaneous, and impulsive as ours together (just ask our husbands, they have their hands full!) and now we get to work together every day! 
It all started in a coffee shop in Lubbock, Texas (FYI… we LOVE coffee, wherever, whenever, with whatever…and we apologize in advance if we talk about it too much, just one of those little passions in life to be thankful for…) we were supposed to be discussing the logistics of a corporate wellness program we were doing.  You may learn this about us well (and maybe you can relate), we tend to get off topic rather easily, not necessarily a bad thing, just causes some random hour phone conversations here and there. Anyway, the meeting about the wellness program turned into what we wanted to do in life and what some of our dreams were (somehow, not exactly sure how we got there…)
We both love all things nutrition and fitness and we love encouraging and motivating people and wanted to combine our enthusiasm for the two.
 Through the wellness program, talking to our clients, and other experiences, we realized two things 1) dietitians and good, evidenced-based nutrition and fitness are hard to come by; and 2) nutrition and fitness advice is often times impractical, rigid, strict, and unrealistic in the reality of busy everyday life. 
So what’s the solution, we asked ourselves?  
A web-based, come-to-you company to provide simple nutrition and fitness advice, and EMPOWER people (wherever they are in their journey) to get healthy and live life abundantly.  So here ya go, EMPower Nutrition, a name to encompass our goals and encompass a little of us too (E for Erin, M for Micah, clever we thought!)"