Thursday, February 24, 2011

Helpful Hints to Goal Setting

  Set goals, but never keep them?  Find yourself failing time and time again?  Use these 15 questions below to set goals, maintain motivation, and keep them!  Comment below on the goals you have set for yourself this year, or a new goal that starts today!

1.      What do I want to do?
2.       Why do I want to do it?
3.       How long (realistically) will it take?
4.       What do I need to do to get there?
5.       Who or what do I need to help me along the way?
6.       What will I do if I reach my goal?
7.       What will I do if I don’t reach my goal?
8.       What will I do today to start my journey towards my goal?
9.       What will I do this week to stay on my journey towards my goal?
10.   What will I do this month to continue my journey towards my goal?
11.   What will my rewards and celebrations be if I accomplish my short term goals?
12.   What will I do if I do not reach my short term goals?
13.   How will I get back on my plan if I fall short or mess up?
14.   Who will keep me accountable, and what support systems do I have to help me?
15.   What can I identify as obstacles and hindrances to my goal?

Wishing you freedom, health, & happiness!
Micah & Erin
EMPower Nutrition

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