Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vigourous Intensity!

We had some fun with "intensity" today!  We wanted to get our workout in together today and decided to check out the class "Cardio Circuit"....How bad could it really be, we're bootcamp instructors and all right?  Wrong....after sprinting, frog hops, jump squats, and massive amounts of tricep dips and push-ups, let's just say we were done for the day!  So feel encouraged, vigorous intensity isn't easy for us either, but the reward will be great, so stick with it, you can do it!  Check out the article below for more info on increasing that intensity!

Are you having difficulty losing those last 10 pounds?  Is it
time to take your workout to the next level?  Well it's time to
start incorporating some vigourous intense workouts into your exercise
routine because research shows that vigourous intense workouts will
help Boost Your Metabolism! 

***Read more on how to Boost your Metabolism Now! 

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